3D Harry Potter Home Learning

Well, what a magical week we all have had! Our topic this week has been Harry Potter and what beautiful work we have made. We were accepted into Hogwarts by Dumbledore himself and we each sent a letter back by owl of course! We priced up all the items we needed for our first year and used the marauder’s map to find words and wrote them alphabetically and thought of other word associations.
We also used our imagination to create another magical creature for the wizardry world and helped Dobby rescue all his friends by designing some new socks for them. We were taught by Professor Snape and created some new potions measuring all sorts of strange ingredients. Oh, and how could we forget about charms class with Professor Flitwick! The ‘History of Charms’ book was suspiciously misplaced, so we helped create new exciting charms and exactly how to swish your wand to do it correctly! Professor McGonagall needed help with transfiguration, some of the other students had turned words into pictures, so we figured them out and practised their spellings. We even went up to advanced potion making and used addition in grams and then researched all differentcastles within the UK. 
I was amazed by all of your very magical work 3D. You certainly proved your skills to become a witch or wizard! Have a lovely half term everyone. Stay safe and well. All my best wishes,
Miss C Davies.