Early Years: Miss Edwards

Every time I receive a picture from you, it makes me smile. Seeing you all doing so well with your learning, it makes me so proud. I love seeing how creative you all are. Freddie has been making a beautiful wedding invitation, I think he could sell them. He has designed a new wedding dress for Betty from our story and has been doing some money in his maths. Excellent work Freddie! Casey has been busy recognising his coins and he has also made a wedding invite. Look how neat his letters are. Ollie has worked hard to recognise and add the different totals with his money work. Look at his beautiful drawings for the wedding, he has made a super list. Ava has been very creative. She has made a beautiful love spoon, which is very neatly coloured. She made a lovely card for her brother Dylan and used some Welsh words inside her card. Da Iawn. Ava has been busy making her own patterns and completing some of the number patterns I gave her. Top job Ava.  Keep up the hard work everyone and remember to send me your pictures. I love sharing them with everyone.  Miss Edwards