Early Years: Miss Edwards

It was a very special day yesterday for a member of our class. Noraa turned five. Happy birthday Noraa. Look at all the balloons she had. Noraa has also been working hard on her letters and ‘pinching’ her sounds. She has been learning about her family and how to stay healthy. Kozo has been following instructions and has made his own paper chain. He has been using his understanding to find the different totals of money. Emma has made a beautiful love spoon and has been matching some cvc words to the correct pictures. Well done Emma. Reem has been working on her formations and is practising her reading, keep it up Reem. Alfie has also been working on his understanding of using coins and he has been finding the different totals. I think we can tell by his smile how happy he is to share his work. Ollie has designed a lovely menu, I especially like the pizza idea, followed by some ice cream. It sounds like the perfect menu Ollie. He has also been working hard to find the different totals of money in his maths work. Keep it up everyone and keep sending me your pictures.  Miss Edwards