Early Years: Miss Edwards

I am really glad that you were able to enjoy ‘Well-being Wednesday’, it was lovely to share what some of you got up to. Alfie enjoyed playing with his lego and going on a long walk. Lilly has been dressing up about Elsa and learning about the weather. She has also made her own lava lamp and has been practising her letters and numbers. Osian also went out for a lovely walk and enjoyed the sunshine. Lily Mae has been busy working, she has made an advert to sell the house in our story and designed her own house. Freddie has been working on his maths, he has been ordering prices and sharing his worries. Daisy has been working on her ‘blending’ and has been looking at money and the different coins. Lottie has been very busy with her maths and has been doing some excellent takeaways. Bonnie is starting on the ‘couch to 5k’ with her parents and she is doing a fantastic job. Casey got outside for some fresh air and enjoyed riding on his bike.  Well done everyone. Miss Edwards