Early Years: Reception

The children have thoroughly enjoyed being busy this week. We have been doing lots of fun activities.  Our week has been based around the story ‘Just like Jasper’ and the children have been making party invites. hats, decorations and birthday cards. The children have made some beautiful decorations, focussing on their fine motor skills. They have used their imagination to design their own birthday cards and created shopping lists ready for the party. Today, we have had lots of treats for Jasper’s birthday. We have had party games and lots of yummy snacks!!  We have been learning about different coins in our maths and we have been using them in our play. We are going to continue looking at money, so if the children visit any shops over the weekend, perhaps they could have a go at paying!  We are so proud of all of the children but I want to give a special mention to two children who have had our class award. Logan and Harley have been extra special friends this week. They have been kind, caring and considerate to their peers, assisting them in different activities.  Have a lovely weekend.  Miss Edwards