Early Years: Reception

What a fantastic week!! All of the children have been very busy and we are really excited to start doing some activities based around Christmas and Winter. The children have been finding out about different types of birds, making bird nests and even their own bird feeders. In maths, we have been learning all about money and the children have really impressed us all at how quick they have learned these new skills. The children have been paying for items in our shop and counting different amounts. Next week, we will be focussing on shape.  All of the children are now beginning to blend their words and I am extremely proud of them. They all try their very best and I love sharing their work with other teachers.  We are very excited to open our ‘Christmas Post Office’ in class’, where the children will be role-playing buying stamps and writing letters to send to Santa. They will have the opportunity to wrap presents and develop their fine motor skills.  Have a lovely weekend everyone.  Miss Edwards