Early Years: Reception

Another lovely week in class, all of the children are doing fantastic with their learning. In our maths we are looking at one more/less and we will be looking at addition next week. We are thoroughly enjoying our topic ‘Time to shop’ and we have been reading the story ‘Supermarket Zoo’. The children have been writing/drawing shopping lists and role playing being a customer and a shopkeeper. In our RWI, we are continuing to learn our sounds and beginning to blend simple CVC words. The children are doing brilliant with their formations and I appreciate the extra practice at home. Well done everyone.  We are absolutely loving our P.E sessions and I am really proud of the children trying to be independent in getting dressed themselves.  Next week, we are going to do some Autumn crafts. If anyone would like to bring in any leaves/conkers/acorns to share with the class, I would be extremely grateful.  Have a lovely weekend everyone.  Miss Edwards