Early Years: Reception

The children have had lots of fun this week, where they have been very busy!!  The children are continually progressing with their reading and writing and we are all so proud of how they are doing. They have been making some beautiful poems about ‘Remembrance Day’, where they shared about who makes them happy and what they are grateful for.  In our maths, all of the children have gone above and beyond in their ability to complete simple subtractions. They are learning to write these down on paper, they might show you some!!  We have had some lovely craft activities relating to ‘Remembrance Day’ and the children have enjoyed making poppies. They have also enjoyed the story of ‘Jaspers Beanstalk’ with Miss Armstead. They then went onto sequence instructions and plant their own cress seeds.  We are planning to talk about our favourite toys next week. Therefore, on Monday, children have been asked to bring in one toy that is their favourite and share with their friends why they like it.  Have a lovely weekend everyone!  Miss Edwards