Afternoon Nursery have been super busy again this week!  Our focus story was ‘Rusty the Squeaky Robot’ – all about a little robot who didn’t like being different.  This led to some lovely ‘Circle Time’ discussions about how we are all different, and that is exactly what makes us so special!  The children did some beautiful self-portraits and were able to describe their own wonderful qualities! In Maths we have continued with exploring Patterns, and the children have worked so hard to recognize and continue patterns using different fruits.  We are also becoming really good at recognizing the different properties of 2D shapes.  Today we were scientists!  We have begun looking at how magnets work – we worked as a team to sort out ‘magnetic’ and ‘non-magnetic’ materials.

I am so proud of you all children! 

I hope you all have a lovely weekend ( fingers crossed with lots of sunshine!).  See you all on Monday! 😊


Ms.Primrose xxxxx

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