Foundation Phase: Dosbarth Miss Ellis

Everyone is doing such an amazing job with their work this week.  It makes me so happy to see all your wonderful work. Faith has drawn a picture of her playing outside in her Winter clothes and has labelled them in Welsh. Kohl and Jacob have also drawn and labelled their Winter clothes, they have also sounded out some green words from their story and made a diary of what they did and what time they did it. Leah has made a super list of sh words and has been using the clocks to tell the time. Zachary has been reading on his computer.  He has also been writing words from his story, telling the time and writing about his Winter clothes.  Zachary also made his own art project over Christmas. Da iawn pawb!!! Miss Ellis faith.jpgfaith-1.jpgtwins.jpgkohl-1.jpgjacob-2.jpgleah.jpgleah-1.jpgzachary.jpgzachary-2.jpgzachary-1.jpg