Foundation Phase: Dosbarth Miss Ellis

I have received some more fabulous work. You guys are working so hard, thank you. Frankie-Lee has made a list of things he can use a stick for. Taksh has been sorting numbers into odds and evens and has been finding rhyming words. Mollie, Jacob and Kohl have been writing rhyming words, looking at odd and even numbers and have thought of different things to do with a stick. Matilda has been finding rhyming words and pictures and sorted her numbers cards into odds and evens. Leah has made a list of ways to use a stick, sorted numbers and wrote rhyming words. Logan W and Zachary have also been practicing their rhyming words and odd and even numbers.  Logan has made and decorated a wand and Zachary has drawn and labelled a picture of his family. Ellie and Sophie have done some beautiful writing and number work.  Ellie and her sister have also used sticks to make their own magic wands. Bendigedig pawb!!! Miss Ellis  pic-1-1.jpgpic-2-1.jpgpic-3-1.jpgpic-4-1.jpgpic-5-1.jpg