Foundation Phase: Dosbarth Miss Ellis

I am yet again blown away with the work I have received. I just wanted to say thank you to the children for trying super hard with their activities and thank you to all the grown-ups for emailing me the children’s photos and work.  You are amazing! Ellie has been working hard with her odd and even numbers, has done some reading and has drawn a lovely picture of Stickman arriving home. Logan, Alfie, Theo and Eliza have completed some great Maths work.  Eliza, Logan and Olivia have been practicing their reading and writing.  Theo made a map of Stickman’s adventure. Matilda has also been practicing her reading and writing.  She has also been collecting and counting objects around her home. Lutoyah and Leah have been working on odd and even numbers and have enjoyed our Stickman story. Mollie and Sophie have drawn pictures to match the sentences they read, identified odd and even numbers and made a map of Stickman’s adventure. It is such a pleasure to look at the work you have been doing. Miss Ellis pic.jpgpic-2-2.jpgpic-3-2.jpgpic-4-2.jpgpic-5-2.jpg