Well its been  another busy fun-filled week  here in Morning Nursery!  We shared the book ‘The Shopping Basket’ and did lots of lovely activities based around the story.  I was very impressed at how well the children were able to listen to the story and recall all the key facts.  We talked about our own shopping experiences in different shops and the children were very informative about all the different shops there are in Gwersyllt.  We made a big shopping list of items we needed and had to work out which shops we would need to visit.

In Maths we explored counting and matching the count to the numeral.  We also tasted different fruits and made a bar graph to show what our class favourite was!  Our ‘Number of the Week’ was 4 – next week it is number 5!

I am so proud of each and every one of you children!  I hope you all enjoy a super weekend.  See you all Monday!


Ms.Primrose xxxx