Key Stage 2: Dosbarth Mrs F Morris

And just like that, another week has gone by in a flash!

Miss Lloyd’s Star of the Week is Jac for applying himself in Maths and becoming our new Magical Mathematician! Miss Roberts’ Star of the Week is Tyler for putting so much effort into his writing. Miss Lloyd and Miss Roberts had a chat and decided they couldn’t possibly leave out Kayla after how helpful she’s been this week, Miss Lloyd’s and Miss Roberts’ Star of the Week is Kayla! Well done all!

We all really enjoyed our P.E. lesson this week… there was just so much going on! We were doing high-intensity interval circuits in groups of three and four. We did some sprinting, jumping, throwing, squatting, star jumping and even weight lifting!!! We did 45 seconds of hard exercise and then we had a 45 second rest, before doing it again… our favourite part was definitely the 45 second rest!

We have had a busy week with Remembrance Day. We learned all about Remembrance Day and why we wear a poppy and all the children sat beautifully and thought about how thankful they were to the soldiers who fought, and are still fighting for us, during a two minutes’ silence – Miss Lloyd was ever so impressed with us. We also came up with a Haiku for Remembrance Day with Mrs Moss:

                             At the Cenotaph

                             To remember the soldiers.

                             Lay a poppy wreath.

                             Two minutes’ silence

                             To honour all the soldiers

                             Who fought in the war.

We loved seeing Mrs Thomas, Mrs Morris and all our friends from other classes on our Zoom school assembly! Thank you so much for working so hard to organise it for us, Mrs Thomas and Mrs Morris!

In Maths this week, we have been looking at time. The children are all so clever and have blown Miss Lloyd’s socks off with how good they are at telling the time, so Miss Lloyd decided it was time for a bit of fun… with Bingo!! The Year 3s worked in pairs with a Bingo card each and they were SO excited – we had to have three whole games!

Again, Miss Lloyd and Miss Roberts have given out over 100 raffle tickets this week, the children of 3/4M are just such hard workers and are lovely to their friends. Out lucky winners this week were Caleb and Aaliyah! Well done, both!

Here we have Jac, Tyler and Kayla proudly showing off their certificates; the children of 3/4M working hard in their P.E. lesson; our class enjoying our Zoom assembly; our very lucky Bingo winners, Tyler and Ellie, Jac and Thomas, and Ollie and Oscar; and finally, our even luckier Raffle winners, Caleb and Aaliyah, with their prizes.

Have a lovely weekend everyone and I look forward to spending another exciting week with you next week!

Miss C. Lloyd