Key Stage 2: Mrs F Morris

Oh my goodness me! What an exciting afternoon we have had in 3/4M! Miss Lloyd brought in some REAL (papiermâché!) human organs for us to use.

We had a special delivery at 1pm via Royal Mail and it was a very eerie-looking container full of human organs!!! The children were so excited! We went into groups with Miss Roberts and handled the organs with precision and care! We could smell them before we’d even opened the container!

We drew around one of our friends and placed the organs very carefully in our friends’ outline. We have had such fun and Miss Lloyd and Miss Roberts were both super impressed by how much we were able to remember about our organs from last week. Da iawn pawb!

Thank you so much for another lovely week and I look forward to spending next week with you too!

Miss C. Lloyd

“I really enjoyed myself this afternoon – I was excited to touch the organs!” – Josh


“We learned more about our organs and it was really fun. I was scared to touch them at first because my friends came back with blood on their hands!!!! But it was just paint and I had so much fun!” – Tyler S


“They looked so real… I was sure I could see the blood!” – Mason


“I thought the organs were real at first! I couldn’t believe it!!!” – Ollie


“That was so much fun!!” – Kayla