Key Stage 2:Dosbarth Mrs Wilkes

I have been blown away by the entries from my class for the St David’s Day competitions. 
It was so difficult to choose the winning entries, as they were are fantastic and I could see you have all made a massive effort, but we did have to choose the winners and remember they were done anonymously and not chosen by me. 
On the Art section:  1st Ryan   2nd. Joshua    3rd Olivia   4th Zara 
Design section  1st Joshua   2nd Evie   3rd  David    4th Lucy
Poem section  1st Sonia    2nd Ryan   3rd Mason   4th Evie
 Craft section 1st Olivia   2nd Ewan   3rd Sam    4th Ylana
Well done to everyone who took part I have loved looking through them all.  Her are the entries I was sent. Image.jpegImage.jpegImage.jpegImage.jpegImage.jpegImage.jpeg Get Outlook for iOS