News: Breakfast Club

Good afternoon, We have been in meetings today regarding the re-opening of our Breakfast Club. As always, we aim to be honest and open with you. Please find attached the latest guidance regarding Breakfast Clubs. The recommendation is that the children do not cross over bubbles. As you know, we have worked hard to ensure the children stay in their bubbles during the day. We are aware that parents do need to use Breakfast Club however we can not cater for the 80 children we used to have in attendance. Next week, we will re-open Breakfast Club, from 7:55 a.m. and it will be our trial week. For your information:

  1. We will arrange tables in the hall in class bubbles and the children will sit with their peers from their class.
  2. The children will stay in the canteen in their bubble and will not be able to go outside or move around the hall.
  3. A breakfast will be provided – water or milk and toast only at this time.
  4. Usual rates apply (£1 per child per day) for attendance between 7:55am to 8:25am. Those pupils entitled to free school meals will not be expected to pay.
  5. Please drop your child off (whilst remaining at a 2m distance) at the top junior gate (near to Ysgol Bryn Alyn).
  6. At the allocated time, the children will join their class on the yard as usual and ill be escorted to class by their teacher.

I hope you find this information useful. We will post details regarding After School Club later this afternoon after another meeting! The above plan is very much a trial and we will make any changes next week as necessary. Mrs J. Thomas (Headteacher)

doc icon Breakfast-provision-and-after-school-provision.docx