News: Covid19 Updates

Good afternoon. We have had a confirmed case of Covid19 in the school and request that:

  1. Parents are vigilant to any new symptoms (main ones or wider ones) and that a test is booked if the symptoms present.
  2. Household members do not need to self-isolate (following a positive result) if they are under 18 or if they have had double vaccinations.
  3. Following a positive result, the child or parent must isolate for 10 days and remain at home.
  4. Most children in a class will not be identified as a close contact and children will not need to self-isolate unless told to do so by TTP or if they present with symptoms.
  5. Children do not come to school with a new/persistent cough but that a test is booked. We understand the cough may be due to being full of cold but let’s be extra vigilant at this time. 
  6. Masks are worn at drop off and collection times. We need to work together to keep our school as Covid safe as we can.

On this occasion, we must thank the parents involved for their quick action and communication with us. 
Mrs J. Thomas (Headteacher)

pdf icon School-Contact-Information-Covid19.pdf