News: Updates

Good afternoon. We have received a number of Carbon Dioxide CO2 Monitors to be placed around school. The Monitors will help us to manage ventilation in classes and around school. They also enable us to monitor the temperature in classes. It is a balance between good ventilation and keeping warm. The heating will remain on and we will monitor ventilation. If we cannot have good ventilation and appropriate warmth, we will use other areas around school e.g. the school hall, multi-purpose room, extra learning areas. We will also boost ventilation when the children go out to play and at lunch time. The monitors are not able to detect infection risk but they are important as good ventilation can help reduce the risk of spreading coronavirus.  We have moved desks around in the Junior department in order to be further away from the windows and the children can wear their coats if they want to. Following a day of monitoring today, one class has been moved to the hall as the temperature was not sufficient however the temperature in all other classes has been of an acceptable level. I hope this keeps you informed and reassured. Mrs J. Thomas (Headteacher)