Tempest – Class Photo Links

Please see the below from Tempest, instructions and links to the class photos. 
‘It’s time to find a spot on the mantelpiece or a space on the wall as I’m delighted to let you know that your recent group photograph is now ready to view and purchase at the following relevant link below.    We offer a free “deliver to school” option that is open for approximately 14 days, alternatively, home delivery is available at a cost of £5 postage and packing.   If you need assistance or have any questions regarding placing an order, please call 01736 751555 (option 3) or click on the “contact” button on our website home page (htempest.co.uk) where our friendly team will be happy to help.’
Flying Start https://htmp.st/YsgolHeulfanFlyingS-222 EE (Early Education) https://htmp.st/YsgolHeulfanEE-222 EY1AM (Nursery) https://htmp.st/YsgolHeulfanEY1AM-222 EY1PM (Nursery) https://htmp.st/YsgolHeulfanEY1PM-222 EY2 (Miss Edwards) https://htmp.st/YsgolHeulfanEY2-222 I1 (Miss Ellis) https://htmp.st/YsgolHeulfanI1-222 I2 (Miss Barnes) https://htmp.st/YsgolHeulfanI2-222 I3 (Miss Tinn) https://htmp.st/YsgolHeulfanI3-222 I4 (Mrs Dixon) https://htmp.st/YsgolHeulfanI4-222 J1 (Miss Lloyd) https://htmp.st/YsgolHeulfanJ1-222 J2 (Mrs Wilkes) https://htmp.st/YsgolHeulfanJ2-222 J3 (Mrs Reay/Mrs Griffith) https://htmp.st/YsgolHeulfanJ3-222 J4 (Miss Davies) https://htmp.st/YsgolHeulfanJ4-222 J5 (Miss Prydderch) https://htmp.st/YsgolHeulfanJ5-222 J6 (Miss Willams) https://htmp.st/YsgolHeulfanJ6-222 Class 1 (Miss Taylor) https://htmp.st/YsgolHeulfanClass1-222 Class 2 (Mrs Sebesta) https://htmp.st/YsgolHeulfanClass2-222 Class 3 (Miss Taylor) https://htmp.st/YsgolHeulfanClass3-222