Weekly Updates

Good afternoon, We have been overwhelmed with messages of positivity regarding Well-being Wednesday and have been so impressed by the activities and fun you have all had! Please let us know if you need another Well-being afternoon or full day in the future as it is very important you do not feel overwhelmed or stressed with school work at this time. We are here to listen and to meet your needs so do email if you need another ‘no screen’ day.
I have been so pleased with the children’s work again this week. The Classes of the Week are Dosbarth Miss Edwards  (Foundation Phase) and Dosbarth Mrs Wilkes(Juniors). 100% of Miss Edwards’ class have been sending their lovely work in and 95% of Mrs Wilkes’ … WOW, our first 100%! Well done Miss Edwards’ class in particular. Overall engagement is 89% and I am thrilled again with this. Well done everyone.
Come on, all other classes, let’s see if you can win next week – keep sending your work in. When we are all back in school, we will arrange a special treat for the Classes of the Week!
Please take extra care over half-term and avoid mixing with other households (e.g. playing together/sleepovers etc).
I hope you have a lovely half term break and stay safe. Take care. Mrs J. Thomas (Headteacher) xxx