World Book Day

Welcome to Ysgol Heulfan’s Masked Reader!

“You’ll find me behind a rainbow!” – Alien

“There’s lots of people with a name like me!” – Bear

“I like looking after people!” – Bucket

“Farm animals live in me!” – Dragon

“Teacher by day, rockstar by night!” – Fox

“You may find me with a paintbrush in my hair!” – Puppet

*ABBA song* – Heulfan

“I ICT you!” – Owl

“I’m growing a new potato!” – Potato

“I haven’t been here long, I came flying down the stairs!” – Robot

“You’ll find me in soft play!” – Shark

“You can find beans in me!” – Stickman

“Come and see me for the P.E. key!” – Super Smelly Alien

“I used to be a key!” – Wimpy Kid

“When you need aid, I’m the first one you call!” – Wolf

“Dw i’n hoffi Harry Potter!” – Zippy