Y Criw Cymraeg

We are ‘Heddlu Cymraeg!’

We meet regularly to discuss ideas and to promote Welsh in our school.

The Phrase Cymraeg is ‘Mae hi’n’

We want to hear our phrase in the classrooms, corridors, playground etc. 

Llongyfarchiadau i Criw Cymraeg for being runners up in Den Dreigiau 2023 and winning £200 for their wonderful business plan!

The Criw Cymrawg have met to look at some new books and games we have purchased, they are very excited to share these with their classmates! They have also discussed ideas for more Welsh days in the future, e.g. Heulfan’s Got Talent with a Welsh twist.

Our Criw Cymraeg are super enthusiastic and excited.  They have asked each class to design a poster and the winners were chosen, here are some of the designs.