Y Criw Cymraeg


We are ‘Heddlu Cymraeg!’

We meet regularly to discuss ideas and to promote Welsh in our school.

Criw Cymraeg Representatives:

Katie, Seren, Ruby, Ava, Amelie, Jack, Ella, Maci, Sonia, Summer, Maisie, Summer, Max and Louie!

In March we held a special Welsh Day to celebrate Dydd Gwyl Dewi Sant. All classes from Reception to Year 6 participated in an Eisteddfod, competing in handwriting, recitation, singing and craft activities. Our winners were awarded special certificates during the morning – da iawn pawb! In the afternoon session we tried Welsh food,  folk dancing, learned new Welsh phrases and songs.

Here are some comments about the day:

“I think everyone really liked the day, it was a different way to celebrate” Max

“I like how the day went. It was like a Welsh festival in school. The winners deserved their certificates.” Summer W

“I really liked the whole day. I think it went really well and should do it every year. Da iawn to the winners” Summer B

“The winners were really deserving. I think the teacher’s did a great job – da iawn!” Elissa