Themes 2021 – 2022

Autumn Term 2021 – Time to Shop!

We all love to shop!

The children in the Foundation Phase will be learning all about different shops, advertising, bills, paying and change. They will be designing clothes and packaging too.

In the Juniors, the children will be learning about shops in the local community and shopping online. There will be lots of everyday maths which should help the children when they go shopping with their families.

Spring Term 2022 – Marvellous Machines

The children in the Foundation Phase will love this topic! They will be designing and making their own robots and theme parks. They will also be looking at farm machinery and circuits.

In the Juniors, the children will be looking at the history of machines and inventors. There will be lots of technology – pulleys, energy and sound.

Summer Term 2022 – Earth Matters!

Across the school, we will be looking at environmental issues and solutions. There will be a lot of research about volcanoes, rivers and different landscapes. We are planning lots of lovely art activities also. We look forward to this topic!

As always ideas, comments, suggestions and questions are welcomed from parents, carers, Governors and friends of the school. If you feel you have a talent/skill/connection which links in with our themes and would like to come into school to share this (possibly remotely), please do get in touch!