We have had the best week – we have begun to explore Space!  We have explored the Moon, Sun and Stars!  Our class is filled with ‘Super Scientists’ who have created craters in the Moon and used a variety of different mediums to create their own Sun, Moon and Stars!  We have learnt lots of interesting facts too – for instance, ask your child if they can tell you what colour the Moon is and what it is made of!  Yesterday we looked at how far Space is from Earth – we did an experiment that showed us how a BIG star looks very tiny from a distance!  Next week we will be continuing with this topic and exploring the other planets in our Solar System.

In Maths we wore our ‘Maths goggles’ to explore ‘Heavy and light’ – Da Iawn pawb I am so proud of you all!

I hope you all have a lovely weekend!

See you all on Monday! 😊


Ms.Primrose xxxx