We have had another lovely ( and super busy!) week here in Afternoon Nursery!  Our ‘Space’ topic is keeping us all excited and wanting to learn more!  We shared the story ‘Whatever Next’ and decided to make plans for our visit to the ‘Moon’!   We planned what to pack in our suitcase, decided on what to have for a picnic there and made personalised flags for when we arrived!  We watched a video of Neil Armstrong being the first astronaut to land on the ‘Moon’ and of course had to do our own ‘Moon walks’! 

We were ‘Super Scientists’ today and did our balloon rocket experiment – we are learning lots about different forces!

In Maths we have been working hard doing ‘Brilliant Numbers’ and introducing the concept of ‘Capacity’.

 Mrs.Roberts is creating a super team of ‘budding’ gardeners in her ‘Gardening Club’ too – they have been planting more potatoes!

These little Darlings have worked so hard all week – I am so proud of them all!

I hope you have a lovely Bank Holiday weekend 😊

See you all on Tuesday!


Ms.Primrose xxxxx