Well Afternoon Nursery have packed a lot of learning into a 4 day week!  We are really enjoying our topic of ‘Space’ – this week we explored what it would be like to live on another planet.  We looked at all the planets and found out simple facts about them – size, distance from the Sun, etc.  then we chose to focus on the planet Uranus.  This is known as the ‘icy planet’, we had great fun as ‘Super Scientists’ acting out what it would be like to travel there in a rocket and stay there on a sleepover! We did some lovely pieces of Art work depicting what we would see looking out of our ‘Rocket’ window.  Some children talked about Aliens so this led us to share the story ‘Aliens Love Underpants’ and we made our own Aliens using recycled materials.

In Maths we have done lots of Number and Shape games/activities ( as always) but we have  focused especially on positional language.  The children are all making great progress with their ‘Super Speedy Sounds’ – I am so proud of these little Darlings for always doing their best! 😊

I hope you all enjoy a lovely weekend in the sunshine!

See you all on Monday.


Ms.Primrose xxxx