Another busy fun filled week here in Afternoon  Nursery!  We focused on the most remarkable Planet in our Solar System – Earth!  We looked at all the beautiful features in our world which makes it so special, and the children spoke and drew pictures of  their favourite areas to visit.  Some of the children decided that their favourite place to be was indeed their home!  We realised that Earth is so special that we need to take good care of it.  We learnt about all the different ways we can take care of our World – saving electricity, water, reuse and recycle, etc.  The children shared some very interesting ideas!  Today we sorted out a lot of rubbish in our classroom and sorted it properly to be recycled – great teamwork!

In Maths we focused hard on our Number recognition and ordering numbers correctly – we sang lots of songs/rhymes and played lots of Number games.

All the children are making me so proud doing their ‘Super Speedy Sounds’! Da Iawn my little super stars!

I hope you all have a lovely weekend.

See you on Monday! 🙂


Ms.Primrose xxxx