We have had a wonderful start to our new half term!  The children have amazed me with how well they have remembered the numbers and shapes they had learnt previously – Da Iawn pawb! We started our week by doing some data collecting!  We chose our favourite topping for pancakes ( which of course we enjoyed for snack!), and produced a simple tally chart to show which was our class favourite – chocolate spread won!  We have been introducing ‘Super Speedy Sounds’ and this week we focused on ‘m, s, d, and t.  We did some more beautiful artwork based on Kandinsky – using paint, coloured paper, chalk and our bodies!

In Maths we introduced some basic 3D shapes – focusing on cylinders and cubes, we will continue looking at 3D shapes next week.  We explored whether they ‘roll’ or ‘slide’.  I would appreciate if you could support your child at home by going on a 3D shape hunt – toilet rolls and stock cube boxes are a good starting point, but I bet you can find lots more!   

It was so lovely seeing so many parents/grandparents yesterday – thank you so much for taking the time to visit us!

Next week we are starting our new topic about the ‘Ancient Egyptians’ – we are very excited!

I hope you all have a lovely weekend!

See you all on Monday.


Ms.Primrose xxxxx