Wow we have had another super busy week here in Morning Nursery!  We have been finding out about the jobs that Ancient Egyptians did and comparing them with jobs we can do now.  That led us to thinking about what the children want to do ‘When I Grow Up’.  We made some more beautiful Egyptian jewellery and talked about why the Egyptians valued their jewels so much.  We looked a little at hieroglyphics and compared this early writing to the writing we do now – especially emojis! 

In Maths we did lots of Number and Shape games ( as always) but in particular,  we focused again on Pattern.  The children were amazing at copying musical patterns we made ( clapping, etc.) and found this great fun!  We also copied simple ABAB patterns – some little Mathematicians were able to continue the Pattern and attempt to create their own.

 I am so proud of these little Darlings! 😊

Today we celebrated St.Patrick’s Day! How sweet do the little leprechauns look!  Thank you for all your support as always.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend.

See you all on Monday!


Ms.Primrose xxxxx