Key Stage 2: Dosbarth Miss Williams

This term Year 6 have been working with dance teacher Amanda, to create a street dance which is going to be filmed.
Amanda said, “I am amazed with the fantastic progress the children have made in such a short period of time. It’s lovely to see how committed the children are to working together as a team and learning the choreography. It’s surprising to think that the majority of the class do not attend dance classes outside of school, considering how well they are doing. I am really looking forward to seeing the culmination of all their dedication and hard work when we film them in a few weeks.”
Every Friday, after their lesson, the children love me to watch how they have worked on the next section of the dance. They amaze me every week ! I am also really looking forward to their final performance. I will post the video, so you are all able to watch their amazing work. 
Miss Williams