Key Stage 2: Dosbarth Miss Williams

This week, learning in Dosbarth Miss Williams has consisted of visiting Lidl on Wednesday, where each group of children had a budget of £5 to buy some treats to watch a film in the afternoon. The children had to add up the cost of their items before they got to the checkout, to ensure they had enough money. A member of the public, in front of the children in the queue, commented how well behaved they were. She also said how lovely it was to see how they helped each other add the cost of the items together. Da iawn pawb! I felt very proud. Super Learning Day on Thursday consisted of wake-up shake-up, assembly and working with Miss Edwards, Miss Collett, Miss Jones and the reception children. The children shared some lovely ideas about what we could work on in future weeks around our topic, ‘ Lights, Camera, Action’. We all enjoyed watching, ‘A Million Miles Away’ in the afternoon.  Have a super weekend everyone. Miss J Williams xx