Welcome Back!


A warm welcome back to all staff, pupils and parents. We hope you've had an enjoyable Summer and are excited for the new school year ahead!



Read, Read, Read!

Following a successful year with our Book Reading Incentive, we have decided to run it again this year, starting with 25 books. Once 25 have books have been read, it is time for a visit to Mrs Thomas' office for a treat!




We will be celebrating Harvest on Friday 13th October and ask donations of food to be made (please see the list below for ideas).



Sponsored Event

 We will be holding a sponsored event on Friday 20th October to raise money for the departments within our school.

All money raised in our Foundation Phase Department will be spent within the Foundation Phase, all profits raised by our Key Stage 2 Department will be used for Key Stage 2 and all sponsers received in Y Canol will be spent within Y Canol. More details to follow at a closer date.



Survey of the Month - September

Do you like our new Zones?