We have had a lovely week here in Afternoon Nursery! Our topic this term is ‘Earth Mattters’ and so this week our focus story has been ‘The Tiny Seed’.  We have planted our own sunflower seeds and Mrs.Thomas has set us a challenge!  Whoever grows the tallest sunflower will get  to choose a  treaty from her special tin! We are so excited!  In Maths we have been doing lots of measuring and we were able to compare different sunflowers to see which was the shortest and which was the longest.  Today we looked at a very famous artist called Van Gogh who painted a portrait of some sunflowers – we then created our own masterpieces!  They all look very different to the original but every bit as special!:)

I am so proud of each and everyone one of my little superstars!

Hope you all have a lovely weekend – see you on Monday!


Ms.Primrose xxxxxx

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