Key Stage 2: Dosbarth Miss Lloyd

We have had a busy week in Dosbarth Miss Lloyd this week, and have definitely earned a long weekend!

Our Stars of the Week are Mason and Zach, both for being such a pleasure to have in class. Da iawn boys!

We have been busy with our Topic of Safari, using our new iPads to do lots of research and finding out interesting facts about safaris and Africa; looking at temperature and ordering negative numbers in Maths; acting out a playscript in English; practising athletics in P.E.; looking at producers, prey and predators in food chains for Science; creating our own Henna designs in R.E.; and working through the Matiau Iaith in Welsh. Busy, busy, busy!

Our lucky Friday Raffle winners this week were Jac (who had an impressive amount of tickets in the draw!) and Mason – enjoy your prizes, boys!

Have a lovely weekend and Bank Holiday and I will see you all on Tuesday!

Miss Lloyd x