Infants: Dosbarth Miss Tinn & Dosbarth Miss Barnes

This morning we had two very excited pupils! Teddy and Owen couldn’t wait to tell us that they had found what looked like a dinosaur fossil down at the park, so we went down to there to check out what they had found. It was amazing! We found some more in other parts of the park. We even got 5 minutes to play! 89914605-C4DB-46B4-98C3-5C3915E8E14D.jpeg10D425DF-01B7-4D47-9BA3-8AF11A6863D2.jpeg44C662F5-7215-4816-804C-9C7305DC71D3.jpegFCEACA1E-DEE4-4383-99A6-49A3CECFD1C3.jpegAD924A97-375C-4B00-BD4E-22B8BAC6C7E7.jpeg3B8B142E-2E92-443C-97E0-19BE9A3048D1.jpegA972B28D-57B4-4132-A8CD-9E59FD2EF1A9.jpeg8A6DE1BF-4B08-49B9-B7E0-0813AE455AE0.jpeg
We are loving seeing how enthusiastic our pupils are about fossils!